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Office Is recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations and approved codes of practice relating to the recycling of materials.


Our objective for sustainability, supported by ISO14001, is to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to set goals across departments and with suppliers to continually improve environmental performance.

Our five commitments to protecting the environment


Have Strong Leadership and Motivated Eco-friendly Teams


We will have a robust Waste Reduction programme


Reduce Carbon Emissions significantly year on year


Create an Eco Circular Business


Have full transparency of our Eco Practises


Strong Leadership and Motivated Eco-friendly Teams


Our managers train and develop our teams to give them knowledge and understanding of our eco goals. 

We have introduced a recycling genie taking responsibility for the waste management in all the offices and encourage all staff to achieve our zero waste targets. 

Our staff attend tree planting days learning how our carbon neutral programme works in reality with hands on experience creating and maintaining native woodland. 


Our robust waste reduction programme

We have set annual targets to reduce waste each year by 25% each year since 2019, which we are on track to achieve aiming to be a zero-waste company by 2023.

We have set an objective of only using 100% sustainable packaging with all of our customer deliveries and we will continue to work with our supplies to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging to achieve a fully sustainable supply chain.

All deliveries will be packaged in 100% recycled boxes.

All smaller packages will be sent using eco-friendly envelopes and paper.

Zero plastic wrapping and no single use plastic is used.

Any packaging received, we recycle all plastic, cardboard and pallets.

Waste reduction

Reduce Carbon Emissions significantly

We have robust renewable energy targets and have installed many carbon reducing initiatives.


All our office lighting is fitted with automatic sensor lights to ensure upmost efficiency and prevent any energy wastage.

All offices have a heating/air conditioning system that maintains a constant temperature to avoid fluctuations and maintains a very energy efficient heating system.

Our server room is located in an isolated cool area of the office with zero air conditioning enabling us to keep the server operating at the required temperature without using any wasteful energy.

We are exploring introducing rooftop solar panels to give us clean electricity throughout our offices by 2023. Our aim is to have 50% of our electricity supplied via this sustainable method of energy.

We have installed 2 electric charging points for staff to use and have started replacing petrol/diesel vehicles with electric. This will continue throughout the fleet during 2022.

Carbon emissions

Create an Eco Circular Business

We actively work with our suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint of products and processes. To ensure our suppliers and the supply chain is managed ethically we carry out supplier assessments and on-site visits.

We work with our customers to help them reduce their own footprint by offering;

Recycling all empty toner and cartridges

Offer re-manufactured toner cartridges

Reusable cartridges are broken down and separated into raw materials


Battery collection service

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Full transparency of our Eco Practises

We are committed to full transparency of our ethical and environmental practises and report on our critical environmental performance.  


We monitor and audit our processes and are externally audited annually to maintain our ISO14001 accreditation.

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Eco circular
Eco Practises

Furniture Recycling Programme


Products: Reduction in virgin materials used – programmes to increase recycled content of products.

Packaging: Minimal packaging on all products.


Products: We re-use where possible, whether this is donating redundant products to charities and social enterprises, or using our re-manufacturing service to give old products a new lease of life.

Packaging: We re-use packaging wherever possible and in line with quality guidelines.


Products: All our furniture products are 100% recyclable.

Packaging: All waste packaging materials are recycled.

Furniture Recycling
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